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Moisture Oil

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A blend of 9 natural oils to nourish and restore your crown. Seals in moisture Revitalises hair follicles, strengthens weak hair, adds shine and thickens hair.


    All natural hair types
    Textured hair
    Permed hair
    Braids (apply between partings)
    Relaxed hair
    Can be used on Children


    Use on Hair to seal in moisture. Or to oil and massage the scalp. Apply to your palm and warm it up in your palms. Then apply to your hair, focusing on ends. It can be used with deep conditioners and any other hair treatments.

    If you have low porosity hair, your hair has a tight cuticle layer and struggles to take in moisture. This could be why your hair feels dry! Use heat when applying moisture. Leave our oil mixed with any conditioner in a little longer to give your hair more time to absorb moisture.
    If you have medium porosity make sure to use leave-in conditioner or our hair butter soufflé, and seal in the moisture with our oil, anytime after wetting your hair.
    If your hair is high porosity, it's all about sealing in moisture. Use a leave in conditioner frequently with our moisture oil.


    Jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, boab oil, carrot oil, grapeseed oil, sweet orange oil