Our Mission

My name is Dorothy Palomino Godwin and I am the CEO and founder of Beautyosophy, I graduated in 2023 after studying international relations and politics. I'm a mentor to young people, a natural hair enthusiast and a born again Christian filled with the love of Jesus. I was so hesitant to start this business as I had no clue where to begin, but here it is and I trust God whole heartedly to drive the boat.

Beautyosophy is a home for all my beautiful Queens to educate, to inspire, to discuss, to love, to develop ourselves as young women, to create, to support each other, to have a laugh and more. My aim is to inspire women as well as learn from them, it’s all about growth and development; we need women who walk with their head up high with dignity, love and motivation, to build our homes with love. We are a source of love and together we can do so much and lead generations to a brighter future.

My intent is to dare you all to be different, to stand out, to be leaders and to make change in the youth. 

Trendy is the last stage before tacky so Beautyosophy is here to present to you the new and original generation of beauty that doesn’t need anybody’s approval. The natural beauty that doesn’t need millions or thousands of likes. 

We are original, we are united, we are proud.

I dared myself to be different couple years ago and all I want you to do is to jump on our boat. 

Dare To Be Different