Homeless Winter Blessings

Winter, with its frost, chilling winds and long, dark nights, is not the easiest time of year for any of Us. But it can be a time of terrible hardship for many people living on the streets.

As the weather is getting cold and winter is approaching we have decided to give 100% of all our profit from sales we make from today till the 31st of February so we can provide food hampers, practical support and somewhere to sleep for people who are homeless this winter.

We aim to fill up as many hampers as we can with food, warm clothing, blankets, socks and more to give to local charities and food banks across London and on the streets for the next 5 months of cold weather.

As we aim to cater for as many people as we can we have also created a link of essentials that people can buy online in bulk for us to distribute across London.


Help us to raise awareness, dare to be different and make change in the streets of London.


Please Contact Street link for anyone sleeping rough or preparing to sleep rough if they're 18 and over.

Call 999 if someone is under 18 years old. Don't hesitate to call 999 if the person needs emergency help!



CEO, Dorothy